I believe that all Edmontonians have the right to physical, social, and economic access to fresh, nutritious food. This is an important part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and reflects our healthy communities.

Many folks face food insecurity through social, financial, or even geographical barriers. I developed the Food and Agri-Business Diversification Initiative to explore programs and services the City can provide, or partner with, to bring fresh, local food to

I'm so thrilled that investment in the Northeast is being prioritized for Capital Infrastructure Projects.

These investments are crucial to Ward 4 - they will bring jobs, better infrastructure, safer neighbourhoods and help us create thriving communities.

This year, the City of Edmonton is investing over $1 billion into capital construction projects that will boost our local economy and employ approximately 13,000 people.

Below is a list of projects that

May 31, 2021

2021 Ward 4 Newsletter

I've been working hard to bring the Voice of the North East of City Hall.

Read my latest newsletter below to find out more.

On March 20, 2021, I co-hosted a virtual meeting with community members and safety and well-being experts to identify top of mind safety concerns for citizens living, working and playing in Ward 4. This was the first in a series of three meetings. (Click here to view the Meeting Summary from this conversation).

On April 17, a second meeting took place where participants identified assets and barriers in the community that affect the way we can address top of mind safety concerns.

On March 20, 2021, I co-hosted a virtual community meeting with Reach Edmonton. Community members and safety and well-being experts came together to identify the top of mind safetyconcerns for citizens living, working and playing in Ward 4. The following is a summary of thetop of mind safety and well-being concerns.

Meeting #2 will be held on April 17, 2021 and will explore the barriers and opportunitiescommunities face in addressing these issues.

Meeting #3 will be held

Dec 1, 2020

Budget 2020

In 2018 City Council approved our four year 2019-2022 budget. During this time I fought hard to shorten the list of additional spending items--moving away from funding pet projects and toward a priority driven framework. Twice a year during Spring and Fall Budget Adjustments we have the opportunity to revisit our overall budget to make real time course corrections. This is extremely helpful in a case like 2020 where we’re faced with an unprecedented economic impact due to a global

Photo credit: Mike Watchman

The City of Edmonton’s urban places and river valley policies guide development decisions within our city's most treasured asset- the land that winds around our North Saskatchewan River. I believe that any activity or development involving Edmonton's river valley needs to meet the collective approval of the public. The river connects our city and citizens in a way that no other amenity could. As the backbone of our incredible ecological

This article was initially published in the Edmonton Examiner on August 23, 2018.

There are three ways to influence politics – money, access, and votes – and when you’ve got all three, power tips in your favour.

Most people only have their vote

I hope you are doing well, today. As our province takes major steps to re-open services and programs this week, I want to keep you informed on the steps I am taking to keep us safe and get us moving again.

Transit and Parking Fares Resume

The City will resume fare collection on June 15. ETS will accept March, April, and July

Jun 3, 2020

On Racism

When it comes to Black Lives, up here in Northeast Edmonton we are watching the news in outrage, sorrow, and concern.

I’ve lost sleep over the calls and emails I’ve received describing the racism my Ward residents have witnessed, or been victim of. I will not tolerate it. There is absolutely no reason why our community cannot be safe

Hello, my friend --

Today’s update is a big one! This marks my first official update since Phase One of re-opening began last week. Edmonton has done such a great job with flattening the curve that we are taking steps to reopen our city amenities. I want to let you know about my efforts advocating for neighbourhood cleanliness and keeping

Property Taxes and COVID-19

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has had an impact on personal and corporate finances around the world. The City of Edmonton’s budget has been impacted too. 

I worked hard this week to advocate for common-sense, practical solutions to reduce our spending, set a fair tax rate for ALL, and protect