I hope you are doing well this week. First off I want to say THANK YOU! I am receiving so many amazing messages from Edmontonians about how we are all handling this global pandemic as a community. Today, and always, I am so honoured to represent such incredible people.

This week I have gathered information about how we can all help each other during this really tough time. I also made sure businesses have the help they need to protect their workers, their

I hope you are doing well this week. I know that for me, my family, and my staff, this week has been hard, and many of us are still adjusting to our new normal. Isolating is not easy, but it sure does remind us of how important our community is.

First, residents are asking me how they can help during the pandemic. Wash your hands, keep physically distant, and buy local food. At the same time, I hope you remember that

Edmonton needs a stronger, more robust local food system that we can all depend on: one that supports our neighbours and our local economy.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything about our food systems, it’s that they are extremely fragile. Although we're not experiencing a food shortage in Edmonton, folks are still struggling to find basics to fill their cupboards, and some families are struggling to get good food on the table because they have lost their job or are

Hey folks,

I have a big update for you. Today, the Mayor and Council met to discuss and vote on major changes to the way we are handling our response to COVID-19. The decisions we made today are to help alleviate the financial and emotional stress we are all feeling right now. Our number one priority is providing essential city services to

I have been receiving messages of concern about the impact of recent events on local business and supply chains. Like many of you, I am hearing from workers and small businesses worried about their future, while trying to do their part to protect our health and safety.

Over the past two years I have been listening and working to try to optimize the role our City can play in the success of the local economy, but now, more

Today Edmonton’s residential speed limits went from 50km/h to 40km/h on residential streets throughout the city. This change makes roads safer, communities more family-friendly, without really impacting your commute time. Here are some facts about the changes:

1. Reducing residential speed limits will not noticeably increase your commute time.

Delays are frustrating. Drivers need to get to destinations without

Seniors, parents, those with reduced mobility - like all Edmontonians - deserve transit that works for them.

The problem is, the new Bus Network Redesign (BNR) threatened to take access away in the form of reduced stops where you need it most.

Our public system should be enhanced to provide great service for everyone but that has been made difficult due to inadequate investments over the years. Residents have told me they feel like the city was

This is an update on the City’s verbal report to Council on our 2020 snow and ice strategy.

Part 1: What We Heard From You.

Part 2: What We Know.

Part 3: The Road Ahead.

It’s “SNO-Go” for Ice and Snow this Winter Season

This year my Council colleagues and I have received record numbers of calls, emails, and

I asked council to support researching a check/balance of power. The motion failed, but by a close margin. I will continue to work hard for openness and transparency at your City Hall, every chance I get.

Residents have said repeatedly: fewer closed-door meetings at City Hall.

Today, I put forward a motion that asks Administration to look at options to appoint an in-private meetings investigator or assessor, and it failed. The purpose of this

I'm working hard for the NE, and for you. 

You've told me that your priorities include safe, affordable, reliable transit and as I talk with residents every day, this continues to be top of mind for our Ward.

Here's what I'm doing to make it happen….

In 2017 I ran to be your Ward 4 City Councillor on a number of issues affecting communities in the Northeast. Getting the services we need, including a transit system that works for everyone, is a big

Dec 28, 2019

2019 Accomplishments

As 2019 nears its end, I'm reflecting on the work I've been able to accomplish this year. Thank you to Ward 4 and all Edmontonians for making this list a reality. Together, we are making #yeg an ever better place to call home with more jobs, stronger community, and a welcoming place for all. Take a look and let me know if there is something you want me working on in 2020!

Took action on litter in our communities.Hosted a successful community event with Chief of

Well, the first good day of snowfall is here. And with that, the city is in full snow removal mode. The City maintains over 11,000 km of road. Laid out end to end, that distance would stretch all the way to Newfoundland and back. This year, the City has a new snow and ice plan so I want to share with you the City’s process.

Before Snowfall: 

Anti-icer brine is a