The City’s budget has to build for future growth in an upward-trending, but still constrained economy. Tax dollars need to be used effectively to deliver the programs, services and infrastructure that Edmontonians rely on. To do this, we need to have good public conversations to identify what kind of city we want and what it will look like when we get there. We need a measurable ranking system for sorting out which projects will get us the best return on investment and we have to

The City of Edmonton's Administration recently made plans to implement automated parking enforcement on July 5th, but that date has now been postponed. Their plans failed to take into consideration feedback about how this change would affect parking options for Edmontonians who have a hard time getting to payment meters. That set off a series of calls from Councillors to stop and take a second look at what they're doing. Administration provided a verbal update to Council on June 26th, saying

The City of Edmonton is moving to Automated Parking Enforcement. That means payment for parking in city E-park zones will be monitored by a camera attached to a vehicle instead of Parking Enforcement Officers monitoring vehicles on foot. Tickets will now be issued by mail rather than placed on windshields.

This move has major impacts for Edmontonians who use accessible parking placards.  The change to a digital system that scans license plates has no way at this time to read

The uncertainty created by the North East River Crossing for landowners and small businesses in Edmonton's northeast has been a real problem for many years. Since the river crossing was first proposed, stakeholders in Ward 4 have been voicing their concerns about the controversial project.

When I was out door knocking and visiting families in the area during my election campaign, I was asked what I was going to do about it,

Ward 4 residents—please take the time to complete a brief survey on speed management at the bottom of the page!

Roadway infrastructure, maintenance, and safety are among the most significant services that the City of Edmonton provides for Edmontonians. Which means that the City of Edmonton is committed to getting you from Point A to Point B as efficiently and as safely as possible. This task is a work in progress, as the City of Edmonton is always working on
The plans for the proposed West Valley LRT line have been the subject of a contentious and spirited debate both inside and outside of City Hall. A week long discussion in Council Chambers came to an end in the evening of March 23rd, when Council voted to proceed with the proposed design. The Valley Line is the first completely new LRT route in Edmonton since the Capital Line was constructed in 1977. The new line runs from the southeast through the west of Edmonton. The Valley Line is a part
The City of Edmonton has implemented designated Playground Zones, which increase the hours and area that the reduced speed limit affects. (Image courtesy of Vision Zero YEG) You may have noticed a change in signs posted around schools in Edmonton these past few months. All previously designated Schools Zones in Edmonton have now become Playground Zones. The transition to Playground Zones introduced a couple of minor changes: The 30 km/hr speed limit will be in effect from 7:30 to 21:00.
Over the next few months, Council will be carefully reviewing, reassessing, and restructuring the City of Edmonton’s solid waste management. This evaluation will reassess the collection services, disposal infrastructure, and waste diversion programs to address the shortcomings demonstrated in the Waste Services Audit, released in February 2018. This process has already begun, with City administration and Council working to better align the existing waste management system with our goals of
The City of Edmonton provides a number of important services to Edmontonians and waste management is one of them. The list of services provided by Waste Management is expansive, ranging from the collection and disposal of waste to research and education. Edmonton has long since touted our Waste Management System as world class and our facilities as state of the art. As it turns out, the rhetoric is far removed from reality, according to the recently released Waste Services Audit. In fact, the