With climate change discussions and calls to action becoming more front and centre around the world and an international conference taking place in Edmonton last month, residents might be wondering what exactly these conversations and actions mean for our city. What impacts will a changing climate have on our environment and economy and what choices are we facing as a city? The City of Edmonton's Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Strategy has started to chart a course for how our
There are more warnings now than ever about the state of our food system and the pending Global Food Crisis. Increasing populations will soon mean more mouths to feed than there will be food to go around. Increasing demand coupled with decreasing availability and supply of food will mean price increases. A changing climate will mean longer, drier summers leading to growing challenges and unpredictable weather events that can impact crops, critical infrastructure, distribution, and
Edmonton is an entrepreneurial city with strong agricultural roots and a bold passion for ingenuity and creativity. That's why I believe that we have the potential to position ourselves as global leaders in our capacity to mitigate climate-related impacts on our food supply. By responding to the increasing local and international market demand for healthy food and focusing on research and development, education, and value-added production, the City of Edmonton can become a hub for both