For our municipal government to function the way it's supposed to, we need to hear from Edmontonians.

City Council is made up of 12 Councillors and the Mayor, but Edmonton is made up of around 1 million Edmontonians who have valuable experiences and insights that Council would be remiss not to bring to the table. We know there are a lot more good ideas out there than just the ones generated within the walls of City Hall and we want

While we know our province has gone through boom and bust economic cycles over the years, we don't expect our roads to do the same within a day. Some mornings driving down Meridian is pretty good, but by dinner time it's a mess again. That's because the City of Edmonton's Roadway Maintenance department only has a couple of tools in its toolbox to repair roadways and they are usually reserved for potholes and alleyways.  One tool is to grade with gravel that lasts a few days/weeks at best and
The City of Edmonton's Administration recently made plans to implement automated parking enforcement on July 5th, but that date has now been postponed. Their plans failed to take into consideration feedback about how this change would affect parking options for Edmontonians who have a hard time getting to payment meters. That set off a series of calls from Councillors to stop and take a second look at what they're doing. Administration provided a verbal update to Council on June 26th, saying
The idea of an Edmonton gondola was initially proposed as part of the The Edmonton Project and was chosen as the winning project idea back in March, 2018. It has since become a topic of debate in the media and will be on the June 5th Urban Planning Committee agenda due to a recent Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board decision to bring it forward. There have been arguments made both for and against the city moving forward on the proposal. The ETSAB report outlines some of the
In this blog post: changing approach to transit—inner vs. outer neighbourhoods categories of routes public engagement opportunities: community workshops and surveys Edmonton Transit Services (ETS) is getting a face lift. For the first time in 20 years, the City of Edmonton is in the process of the developing a complete overhaul of our transit system.  The Bus Network Redesign proposes an entirely new bus network—which means all brand new bus routes. The redesign will modernize our
A Community Food Centre for Edmonton Food4Good and Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) Food4Good is working with Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC) to build a permanent place for food in Edmonton! They want to bring all their programs together under one roof, and expand what they can offer neighbourhoods in West Edmonton. Community Food Centres are vibrant community spaces that bring people together to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food. There are currently eight Community
As an Edmontonian, your voice matters—and it’s our job to listen. We want to hear your values and ideas through ongoing engagement that’s authentic, transparent and meaningful. In fact we have a principle for this project that says just that.

So big, it’s almost overwhelming. The Exhibition Lands make up the City’s second largest urban infill site in a locally renowned spot near downtown, LRT and transit, and the river valley. You know the spot—Borden Park, the Expo