Feb 25, 2020

Catching the Connection to Better Transit: BNR Update

Seniors, parents, those with reduced mobility – like all Edmontonians – deserve transit that works for them.

The problem is, the new Bus Network Redesign (BNR) threatened to take access away in the form of reduced stops where you need it most.

Our public system should be enhanced to provide great service for everyone but that has been made difficult due to inadequate investments over the years. Residents have told me they feel like the city was asleep at the wheel of transit service and I can see what they mean. That was one of the reasons I ran for Council. 

People’s needs in my community, like good transportation, weren’t given high enough priority. I’m working hard to correct that.

That’s why today I voted for a pilot project that will roll out with the BNR that lets you call transit when you need it, for seniors we are even working to have this stop right at your facility’s door.

BNR is a framework. On top of that, we build smart extensions and services that will make a great, accessible and efficient system.

This will get you to your job, appointment, grocery store, or social activity even faster.

The need for the BNR came from an outdated design that was meant to serve a city of 400k people. Today we are 1 million and growing and needed a reset, but that reset should not leave anyone behind, instead, it should allow more people to hop on the bus or train easier.

I’m always looking for ways to innovate within our city and this is one way we can enhance a system that’s essential to our economy and in the end, saves you in public funds and taxes.

And now this supplement to our system will work even better with rides on-demand when and where you may need.

I am confident we are moving in the right direction to ensure that Edmontonians aren’t left behind. As always, if you have additional questions or concerns you can connect with me via phone or email at 780-496-8138 or aaron.paquette@edmonton.ca.