Mar 26, 2020


I hope you are doing well this week. I know that for me, my family, and my staff, this week has been hard, and many of us are still adjusting to our new normal. Isolating is not easy, but it sure does remind us of how important our community is.

First, residents are asking me how they can help during the pandemic. Wash your hands, keep physically distant, and buy local food. At the same time, I hope you remember that physical distance doesn’t have to equal mental isolation! Call your friends and family, play a board game, or enjoy the outdoors.

I want to share with you updates on what I’ve been working on:

Playgrounds and Personal Services Closed

I joined Adrienne Pan on CBC Edmonton this week to talk about the importance of physical distancing. I shared that we need to continue keeping a safe distance from others. Edmonton has over 800 parks — let’s spread out in order to keep our friends and family members safe.

Yesterday, the City closed all playgrounds and sledding hills across the city and will increase monitoring around high traffic areas like parks, staircases, and trail systems to ensure all are following physical distancing protocols. The grassy areas around the park are still open so I still encourage you to get outside!

We have also ordered all Personal Service Shops to close until further notice. These include tanning salons, nail parlours, hair salons, tattoo parlours, and body rub shops.

Buy Local, Supporting Food Action

My work as your Councillor does not stop and I continue to work hard on my Food and Agri-Business Diversification Initiative. For many of us, access to food is on the front of our minds during this pandemic. Here is what I am doing to help everyone get the food they need.

  • I am meeting (virtually) with local not-for-profit organizations and community leaders to pool resources and create an action plan for providing food to those who need it most. Here is more information about the efforts.
  • I put together a list of local food companies that deliver food right to your home. These companies support our local community, food system, and need our help. Consider buying your groceries from one of these great companies, if you are able.

Fraudulent Letter — Don’t Respond

A FAKE letter telling residents that the City of Edmonton is using surveillance to encourage isolation is circulating in NE Edmonton. Someone spent lots of time trying to make the letter look real — let’s show this person that NE Edmonton doesn’t believe it. Ward 4 comes together and we support each other; we don’t scare our neighbours. If you see a letter like this, or any other scam, please let me know and I will take action right away.

The C5 North East Hub is looking for books!

The C5 youth read every day – and are continuing to do this in a virtual youth group. But, many don’t have books at home.

C5 North East Hub is asking for donations of gently used books appropriate for ages 8 to 14 to be dropped off at 14017 Victoria Trail between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Friday, March 27th.

Financial Supports

Finally: I’m working to develop local strategies here in Edmonton for residents being impacted by COVID-19. In the meantime, the province and federal governments are offering supports if you need to self-isolate, have lost work, or are caring for a loved one. Here are the links if you need income support, the information can be found here:

Chat soon, 


Ward 4 Edmonton City Councillor