Apr 29, 2021

Ward 4 Conversations: Community Safety & Wellbeing: March 20 Meeting Summary

On March 20, 2021, I co-hosted a virtual community meeting with Reach Edmonton.
Community members and safety and well-being experts came together to identify the top of mind safety
concerns for citizens living, working and playing in Ward 4. The following is a summary of the
top of mind safety and well-being concerns.

Meeting #2 will be held on April 17, 2021 and will explore the barriers and opportunities
communities face in addressing these issues.

Meeting #3 will be held on May 15, 2021 and will explore how we might come up with ideas,
activities and solutions to address these issues. Sign up for this meeting by visiting ward4safety.eventbrite.com


  • There are concerns for the safety of homeless individuals in the North East. Services
  • and resources created for them are perceived to be unsafe. There have been reports of
  • robberies and physical harm.
  • There are homeless encampments in the area that contribute to a negative perception of
  • safety.
  • There are encampments that leave dangerous debris behind – needles, garbage, etc.
  • There is a desire of community residents to help homeless individuals in the area but
  • don’t know exactly how.
  • Folks not knowing what to do or where to be during the day when shelter, group homes
  • not accessible.
  • Unhoused folks in increasingly desperate situations – and resorting to desperate
  • measures to get by.
  • C5 is a useful and supportive resource.
  • Redevelopment of the Transit Hotel. Are there ideas in place so that vulnerable
  • communities aren’t being pushed out?

Public Spaces

  • There are safety concerns in public walking paths in the area.
  • There is a desire for more positive street activity that contributes to more “eyes on the
  • street” that look out for one another.
  • There is a need for more public washrooms.
  • Poorly marked and unlit crosswalks prove to be dangerous at night.
  • Lighting in neighbourhoods is a concern. Sensors on street lights seem to be activated
  • by vehicles but not individuals out walking. This is a safety concern, especially as the
  • recent Edmonton Transit system has been restructured and residents will need to walk
  • further to access transit.
  • No sidewalks to access Recreation Centre.
  • North Edmonton trails could be better patrolled by enforcement or community members.
  • Coyotes have become more aggressive.
  • Is there something planned for the south side of 66 and Fort Road? Will it just be empty
  • space?
  • Safety concerns re: shared sidewalk use between pedestrians and cyclists, especially at
  • marked crosswalks/no lights. Cyclists can appear quickly and expect pedestrians to yield
  • to them. Would suggest education campaign for cyclists, use of bells to alert
  • pedestrians.
  • Children/youth scared to walk to school. “Creepers” in every school area, especially
  • during pandemic. Scared to walk during the day. “Doesn’t feel safe.” When
  • children/youth have to take public transit to get to school, they will have to walk further
  • while feeling unsafe.
  • Sidewalks and roads are needing more significant attention. Only patchwork fixes, but
  • sidewalks especially are in need of extensive repair.
  • Lighting around the community league and neighbourhood park is poorly lit. Seeing
  • more people sleeping rough with makeshift structures. Belvedere community league and
  • Braids Park have poor lighting.
  • Concerns with lighting in the green belt (utility belt) in Hollick Kenyon.


  • Improve traffic and speed management near residences (137Ave, 167Ave, 153Ave, 50
  • St).
  • You have to cross large arterial roads as a pedestrian to get anywhere. This can feel
  • daunting.
  • Street racing is a growing concern in the area and is contributing to noise pollution.
  • COE: reduction of speed limits in various communities was approved. Miller Blvd. slated
  • to be changed to 40km/hr. COE decided at the beginning of the pandemic to put the
  • change of signage on hold. Would like to see this revisited, and signage changed as
  • planned.
  • Speed limits are critical, especially during the pandemic as pedestrian traffic has
  • increased. Ada Blvd was a good example – decreased speed limit, encouraged
  • individuals to use the space safely.
  • Walkability is an important factor. This brings communities together.
  • Crossing Manning Drive from Britnell is a safety concern. There are no lights, and many
  • people cross this busy road.
  • Drivers do not follow speed limits at school zones.
  • 59 A street is 50 km/hr and is too fast.

Public Transit

  • Youth do not feel safe on public transit.
  • There is a desire for transit to be more accessible. Could the city explore a free transit
  • program?
  • There is a lack of information regarding the reasoning behind changing bus routes.
  • The more the bus service declines, they may be more of a demand for DATS, which isn’t
  • an effective system.

Addictions & Mental Health

  • Meth continues to be a problem in the area.

Family Violence

  • With COVID19 restrictions, people are not able to leave their homes which is contributing to a rise in domestic violence.

Neighbourhood Cleanliness

  • Illegal dumping of garbage is negatively impacting the perceptions of safety in the area.
  • Need for increased litter clean up – community volunteers.
  • Large garbage items in public contributes to negative perceptions of well-being.
  • There is a lack of information regarding the new garbage bins and there are concerns
  • that they are not user friendly for those with mobility issues (lids are not safe).


  • There has been an increase in negative interactions with the homeless regarding theft.
  • Concerns about panhandlers in businesses. Annoyance that guests are experiencing.


  • Porch thefts are on the rise.
  • Garage break ins have been happening in the area.
  • There is a desire for improved home security.
  • The “9 Oclock Check” by EPS has been a great initiative to help encourage positive
  • home security habits.
  • Vehicle crime is on the rise.

Residential Concerns

  • There are concerns that more single family homes are turning into multi-family homes
  • Urban reservations are a possible solution for increasing access to services.
  • In the Londonderry area, a new apartment block is going there with 270 units. That part
  • of the neighbourhood has been known to be rough. Will these added units affect the
  • safety of the area?
  • Abandoned homes, sheds that are open and accessed by the public.

Community Unity

  • Can’t always depend entirely on City and EPS to respond – citizens need to contribute.
  • There is a desire to know our neighbours better. Could COE help encourage connection
  • at a grassroots level, neighbours come together. Could there be community contacts for
  • specific issues?