May 21, 2020

Phase One Update — Playgrounds, Taxes, and Transit

Hello, my friend —

Today’s update is a big one! This marks my first official update since Phase One of re-opening began last week. Edmonton has done such a great job with flattening the curve that we are taking steps to reopen our city amenities. I want to let you know about my efforts advocating for neighbourhood cleanliness and keeping our transit service accessible. I also have additional details to share about property tax relief.

As we slowly reopen our economy and community amenities, let’s continue to follow public health orders like physical distancing and wearing a mask when in public.

Playgrounds, Sports Amenities, and Animal Control to Re-open

Sports, play, and open space amenities will reopen tomorrow, May 22nd. That means 850 more spots for our kiddos to play around the city. The City of Edmonton will not be cleaning the equipment, so please sanitize hands before and after using the equipment. We also ask that at this time you use playgrounds in your neighbourhood, only (keep it local!). Please make sure you and your children continue to follow physical distancing guidelines.

This reopening does not include park space rentals, spray parks, or local league play.

Animal Care and Control Centres will reopen beginning May 25, including stray drop off services.

I know the City of Edmonton day camps are an important service for so many of you. We are assessing the opportunity to relaunch these camps and I will share information with you as soon as I have it.

Tax Notices Arrived in your Mailbox

Tax notices were mailed out this morning, and property taxes are due June 30. Paperless subscribers will see notices posted online at and others will receive a notice in their mailbox.

If you’re not able to pay by June 30, you can pay any time up to August 31 without penalty. Monthly plan members can ask to reduce or delay payments. If you are able to pay, please do. Your property taxes help make Edmonton a better, safer and more resilient place for everyone. For more information, visit

Transit is an Essential Service

This week comments were made in the media suggesting that Edmonton may reduce or eliminate our transit service this summer. This is not an option on the table, and I believe, it is not the answer to the City’s budget constraints. Transit is an essential service.

Our transit system is a major economic driver as every $1 we invest, gives us a $3 economic return. Families, commuters, and so many of our front line healthcare workers rely on transit each and every day. Ridership numbers are down for now but as we re-open our economy, our buses and LRT must be to ready to support our working families. If you want to know more about transit as an economic driver, read my recent blog post titled “What if Edmonton didn’t have transit?’

Capital City Cleanup

Many of you have contacted me about clean up efforts in your neighbourhood. I continue to push for more neighbourhood cleaning up, including community member efforts. I know litter is an unsightly problem in our neighbourhoods, which is why I put forward a motion last year to increase fines for littering, provide more city-owned garbage bins in public spaces, and increase enforcement.

The City continues to offer cleaning for graffiti vandalism, needle pick up, and the coordination and maintenance of needle boxes and ashtrays. Litter supply kits that were previously available to the public through libraries and community recreation facilities are now accessible through community leagues, business improvement areas, or

I want to take a moment to acknowledge how many of you take the time to engage with these updates, and how much I appreciate the comments and feedback you share in return. As always, if you have questions or comments please email me at

Chat soon, 


Ward 4 Edmonton City Councillor