Apr 9, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Progress on Local Food and Litter Clean-up

Hi Ward 4,

This week I made real progress vocalizing your concerns around COVID-19. I want to share this progress but first, I want to check in with you.

How are you doing? How do you plan on connecting with your family, while still social distancing, this long weekend? For example, this week marked the beginning of Passover. I saw evidence online of many creative families using video chats to host their celebratory meals!

Now, COVID-19 has shone a light on our food system and we have a choice to make. We can either scrape and crawl to get the old system back, or we can move forward with a local food economy that nourishes all of us and supports our Edmonton business owners.

Like I’ve said before when it comes to making decisions about our future, we can either be the buyers of innovation or its suppliers.

Local Food System Updates

On Tuesday I announced that I am working hard to keep community gardens open, advocating to re-establish the Vacant Lot Program, and asking the City to encourage Edmontonians to grow food on front and back lawns. Did you know it’s perfectly legal to grow food on your own front lawn?

I am also working with members of the business community around ways to support our food supply chain so that our food producers and businesses are able to stay open through the pandemic. I will update you on this very soon.

Capital City Clean Up

I’ve heard from lots of residents who are concerned about the unlawful disposal of masks and gloves on our city streets or in the parking lots of businesses. These acts of littering in our communities are disappointing and dangerous. 

In response, the City provided Capital City Clean Up kits to 150 businesses including grocery stores and pharmacies across Edmonton in response to an increase of personal protective equipment (PPE) litter in recent weeks. The kits include:

  • A litter grabber
  • Gloves 
  • Garbage bags 
  • Other resources to help business owners

Businesses are encouraged to place garbage bins outside store exits and in parking lots to help limit litter. Because these items are not recyclable, it’s so important that we look out for each other, and dispose of our PPE.

Domestic Violence Resources

Adjusting to social distancing and isolation recommendations with COVID-19 means real challenges for families. From financial restraints, shifts in routine, to isolation from social networks and support services — we know that these conditions can exacerbate domestic violence situations.

I’m consistently advocating for more domestic violence resources and am assured that the City is working closely with Edmonton Police. Here is a link to help all of us understand how we can help: https://realtalk.sagesse.org/.

Chat soon and don’t forget to wash your hands,


Ward 4 Edmonton City Councillor