Jun 28, 2018 Public Feedback

Stalled Parking Changes

Council called for a redirection from Administration on Automated Parking Enforcement & Accessible Placards

The City of Edmonton’s Administration recently made plans to implement automated parking enforcement on July 5th, but that date has now been postponed. Their plans failed to take into consideration feedback about how this change would affect parking options for Edmontonians who have a hard time getting to payment meters. That set off a series of calls from Councillors to stop and take a second look at what they’re doing.

Administration provided a verbal update to Council on June 26th, saying they will be
postponing the launch of automated parking enforcement.
They say this postponement will allow for more time to consult with the Accessibility Advisory Committee on any changes that may affect accessible placard holders, as well as to immediately proceed with identifying and creating more accessible parking stalls. The City will also explore and report back on longer-term technology solutions to enable placard holders to continue parking free of charge in E-Park zones once automated enforcement is implemented.

Administration heard Council’s feedback and acted quickly to make changes. They’re saying additions, such as ramps, will take more time, but will be added to those spots in the near future. In the coming months, they will engage with the broader community and identify other areas where accessible spots are needed.
They will also further assess any technology options to allow placard holders to continue using E-Park stalls free of charge. Potential technology solutions could include the use of radio-frequency identification tags on licence plates or licence plate registration for vehicle owners. They’ll be working with Service Alberta, which is responsible for issuing placards, on finding an appropriate solution and determining feasibility.

In the meantime, all vehicles with a valid active accessible placard can continue to park in any on-street E-Park zone free of charge for up to two hours or as indicated by the signage.