Oct 22, 2019

Yellowhead & 66 St Set To Be Revamped With People In Mind

Another huge win for Ward 4 and Edmonton’s Northeast.

After more than a year of advocacy, the news today is that the closure of 66 Street across Yellowhead is taking a new direction – one with community and local business in mind. I am happy to share that we will be getting a unique overpass in this location.

The 66 Street intersection is the gateway to Edmonton’s NE from neighbourhoods across the Freeway. The plan to shut down 66 St would have meant cutting communities off from each other, with real impacts for people who depended on the link.

This new design means faster commutes for those who drive, far safer paths for people who want to bike or walk with their families, and excellent connections to customers for local businesses. 

When I first met with the planning department, the potential designs did not take into account the needs of Belvedere homeowners and Fort Road businesses. Imagine massive cement retaining walls and industrial roads that required potentially less safe detours. This required a vision change.

I asked why the project proposed the expropriation of local businesses but didn’t include areas for multi-use paths and beautification. The response was that for a long time, the city engineered more for machines than foot traffic, community and business access. 

As your Councillor, I suggested a new plan. The result is positive for everyone in the Northeast. So, coming up, let’s all continue to advocate and look for designs that includes pathways for strollers and areas for coffee stops to activate the streets and neighbourhoods in a way that we are all excited about.

If you want to know more, come to the public sessions this week. All the info here: